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Your Experience

Your experience At Kempt Beauty & Grooming.

At Kempt we take pride in getting to know our clients, as building up a good client-therapist relationship will enhance your treatment experience. In order to help to do this your initial appointment will always consist of a detailed consultation form. For facial treatments a skin consultation will take place as well to build up a better picture of you concerns and home care routine.

Patch tests
Patch tests are required at least 24 hours prior to tinting, the results are kept on your file and we recommend you are tested every 6 months or if you have any chances in lifestyle or medication.

Appointment times
Please do not turn up early or late.  Kempt is a home based salon with no waiting area.  Late arrivals will have the time deducted from their treatment, should this be over 20 minutes, your appointment may not be able to go ahead and a charge will be incurred.

We request that you do not bring children into the salon for their own safety.

For waxing appointments please make sure that you have left at least 4 weeks between appointments for a successful waxing treatment.  If it is your first waxing appointment please make sure the hair is approximately ¼ to ½ inch long.  Do not apply creams to the body prior to your treatment. Good personal hygiene is always appreciated.

If you are wishing to make an appointment with several treatments we ask for a 30% deposit .

For your convenience we accept credit and debit cards, some cards will require you to bring your smart phone with you to the appointment. Unfortunately we do not accept cheques.

We are happy to order in products for you but do require that you pay for them beforehand.

Kempt Beauty & Grooming loyalty Card can only be used with treatments and can not be used in conjunction with the Kempt Facial Card.